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TLC Fall Field Trip by Sofie

The following article was written by a fifth grader from the Ashley Bryan School. She has been the elected PR representative for our TLC Student Council!


TLC Fall Trip
By Sofie

So, you want to hear about the inter island field trip?  Well, one cold Monday morning, 22 children and teachers and parents set out from six outer islands to come meet.  We  (the inter island TLC) do this a few times a year.  Last year we went to Boston and walked the Freedom Trail, had a simulation of a rocket ship mission and did lots of things besides (like see the blue man group).  This year we went to Camp Jordan the week before Halloween and went to the Discovery Museum in Bangor.

 We made bubble gum which turned out really well.


That night after the Cole Transportation Museum we had a Ghostly Bangor Tour, which was fun but close to the end people began to get tired.


 Back to the previous night (before the Ghostly Bangor Tour) we had a Halloween party with music and costumes not to mention dinner.  



If you have any questions, I’m sure there is a way to ask on the blog, but I don’t know it.

The End.

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