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First Ever TLC Baby Shower!

At the Fall Field Trip we had a historic TLC event! Our first ever TLC baby shower!!!

Ms. Eysnogle from the Ashley Bryan School is expecting her first baby in February and the TLC teachers and students decided it would be an awesome idea to throw her a SURPRISE shower during the fall field trip! The kids created and decorated beautiful TLC fishes for Ms. Eysnogle to hang in the baby's room. The teachers made "baby" muffins and decorated the hall with pink streamers and other goodies!


Ms. Eysnogle seemed pretty surprised and touched by all the effort and love the group put into making her surprise shower extra special! Quite fitting since Ms. Eysnogle is pretty stinkin' special herself (and we know her little baby girl, Luciana is going to be SUPER special!)


During the party the TLC students got to decorate different sized "onesies" for baby Luciana and the TLC teachers and other chaperone's decorated a tote-bag for Ms. Eysnogle to use to carry all of Luciana's pretty baby things!


At the end of the celebration we had one more surprise! The kids and teachers had created a special video for Ms. Eysnogle to give her and Luciana some advice on how to be and raise a really awesome island kid! It was a fabulous video with a lot of funny, sweet, and useful advice! It will be pretty cool for Luciana to watch someday and realize that there was a whole community of island kids and teachers who loved her so very much before she was even born! Pretty sweet.


Here is the complete baby advice video! I could watch it over again and again! I think this is a pretty fabulous testament to what kind of project the TLC really is. Yes, it is about academic and social collaboration. It is about enhancing our students' education and it is about exposing them a greater culture and community that can often be found on our isolated islands. But at it's core, this project is about our commitment and love for each other as a TLC family. That is what makes this project so special and one that I hope will be around for a long time!

Reader Comments (2)

I was so touched and surprised by the baby shower! I can't believe how much everyone already loves this little girl, and she's not even here yet! What a lucky little lady! Thank you so much, everyone!

November 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay

I love the video! What a wonderful testimony to the immense love and creativity we have in our island communities. Thank you TLC for sharing!

November 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKaitlyn

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