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The Third Annual TLC Fall Field Trip by Beatrice 

The following piece is written by fourth grade student from the Ashley Bryan School! She is one of the members of the TLC student council public relations committee! GO BEA! Great piece!


The Third Annual TLC Fall Field Trip
 By Beatrice


It was Wednesday, and I had a long day ahead of me.  Why?  Because I was going to camp Jordan that day in a van.  Camp Jordan is outside of Ellsworth.  It has a long driveway.


When I got there with my school, all the other kids from the other schools like Monhegan, Matinicus, Cliff Island and Isle au Haut were all there.  I felt crowded.




The same exact day, the younger kids, 3rd and under, were making solar panels, which sounded cool.  My friends and I were playing Man Hunt, Camouflage, Sharks and Minnows.  I had so much fun!  When the youngers were finished, we switched.  I made windmills.  



The same day, we had our very first face-to-face TLC student council meeting.  It was so much fun.  We talked about our goals for the TLC that the older kids in the group, 4th and up, had talked about earlier at Camp Kiev.  Also, we had our very first bookgroup meeting together.  That was also so much fun.  I am reading “The Lemonade Crime.” The same night, I slept in a cold cabin.  Brrrrr.  


 The next morning, I had cereal, oatmeal and toast.  After that, the TLC met up and split up into 4 groups.  Then we got onto a bus, went to the Bangor Discovery Museum and made bubble gum.  



After that, we went to the Transportation Museum.  There were so many cars and trucks, and even a train!  There was a guy that led us around the museum and told us all about the cars and trucks.  After that, we went on the bus and headed back to Camp Jordan.  


We had dinner and 3rd and up went to the Ghostly tour in Bangor.  It was cold!  When it was done, we went to the bus and went to camp and went to bed.  I was so tired!  The next day, we went home.  I was sad I had to leave all my friends.  I said good bye, got into the van and went home.  


The end

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