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Student Council Election Day!

After all the campaigning was complete the TLC voting poles were open for business! I was at the Monhegan School to witness the excitement of election day! They set up a special election "booth" in the back room for students to cast their vote!


Here's Quinn casting his ballot! Do you think he voted for himself, since he was running for president!?


All members of the TLC were welcomed to vote... even the youngest members who needed just a little bit of support reviewing the voting ballot! 


Pretty cool that TLCers of all ages participated in the election day! 

And teachers were asked to vote as well!


Even I (and other TLC "support staff" got to vote!) It was pretty exciting.


After all the ballots had been casted, teachers tallied their individual school ballots and posted the results on a google doc. I finalized that tallies and then got the chance to announce the official results to the entire group at our election day meeting via the "Polyberg!"

And for all of you TLC student council supporters out there here are the official TLC election results:
TLC President: Emma from Matinicus
Vice President: Quinn from Monhegan AND Eliza from Cliff
Secretary: Louise from ABS
Treasurer: Austin from Frenchboro
Vice Treasurer: Xander from ABS
PR Representative: Sofie from ABS 
PR Support Staff: Bea and Whit from ABS
PTC Representative: Eliza from Cliff
ABS Representative: Adele
Cliff School Representative: Eliza
Frenchboro Representative: Myron
Isle au Haut Representative: Connor
Matinicus Representative: Max
and Monhegan Representative: Quinn


Congratulations to all those elected into office and thank you to all those who ran and participate in our second EVER TLC student council election! You make us all so proud and privileged to be in such a fabulous group of student leaders! 


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