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Inter-Island Event on Cliff Island - Day 3

September 2012

Our last morning together started out much the same as our first... with the kids playing outside the community hall before breakfast! I asked my favorite pair of comedians how they slept in their tents and they made these faces, explaining that they were frozen from the cold night of tenting out! Poor little dramatic buggers!


I also got a chance to document this Matinicus fourth grader hula-hooping for the VERY first time! What an exciting end to IIE for her! Way to go girl! You look like a natural!


Of course there was some more puppy loving time. Millie got to meet the stuffed animal version of herself, "pup-pup." 


I think "pup-pup" fell in love. Look at all of those sweet faces!


We had another quick breakfast and then it was time for our student leaders to share some of the fun games and activities they learned at their Camp Kieve training with the rest of the group! 

 A couple of the activities revolved around the game "rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" So we had each of the student leaders team up with two "youngers" to teach and then practice the game until everyone felt comfortable.


They figured it out pretty fast! Must be because they had such great teachers!


Once the kids got the basics  student leaders taught the group the game "posse," which is essentially a non-stop marathon of rock, paper, scissors where every time a player loses to another person they are "out" of the game, but becomes apart of that person's posse. The posse then follows that individual around cheering them on and they play other individuals! If you keep winning the rock, paper, scissors game you keep building your posse. If you loose the game you and whatever posse you have acquired then joins the other player's posse! Get it? Good.


Really it just ends up being a game of laughing, cheering, squealing, and fun! The game continues until there are only two people with GIANT posses left to play one another in final round! Of course Mr. H was one of the final contenders! I think he LOVED having a posse he could call his own.


And wouldn't you have guessed it, Mr. H won! He then collected the entire TLC as his posse! Way to go Mr. H. Too bad you don't have that big of a posse in your everyday life!


The student leaders then taught the group another game! This one was called "Egg-olution!" The great thing about this game was that it also revolved around the idea of rock, paper, scissors.


In this game every time you won a round of rock, paper, scissors you moved up in the egg-olution scale and became and new "level" of player! Everyone started as an egg and then moved to a chicken, then to a dinosaur, up to a swamp donkey, then to a super-human, next to the ever-amazing Chuck Norris, and finally you reached the level of enlightenment and prosperity... of course you are the Dali Lama!


The catch was you could only play a round of rock, paper, scissors with another person who was at the same egg-olution level as yourself. So you heard everyone running around saying "I'M AN EGG!" or clucking like a chicken, or pretending to fly like a super human! It was awesome.


Holy moses, this Monhegan seventh grader reached enlightenment quickly! He is the uttermost zen-like Dali Lama I have ever seen!


If you won a round of rock, paper, scissors you went up a level of egg-olution but if you lost a round you moved down! The object of the game is to win as many rounds as you can as the holy Dali Lama!


I, myself, never made it past being a chicken. 


Finally we ended our student leader activity session with a super fun and entertaining game called "Captain Carl!" Many of the older TLCers learned this game at the Middle School Retreat last year and it is always a blast!


The game is much like "Simon Says" but instead "Captain Carl" is in charge! He yells out different commands and then you have to find a certain number of people to complete your command or else you are out of the game!  Above the kids are acting out the command, "Look Out!" 


And here they are acting out "Crow's Nest!"


Captain Carl says "Galley!" 


Everyone saluting Captain Carl!


And now they are "Walking the Plank!"


And more plank walking!


Fewer and fewer kids left... who will win Captain Carl!?


I am not sure who ended up winning (probably Mr. H)! But it was a grand time no matter what!!


After our morning games it was time to head across the island to the ball field... we obviously needed to play a game on our way there! This is called "FLASH!" 

When you yell "flash flood!" everyone has 10 seconds to get their feet off the ground to prepare for the "flash flood!"


Then when you yell "Flash Photo!" the kids have ten seconds to get together to have their photo taken! This is obviously my favorite part of the game because I LOVE taking photos!


Another awesome FLASH PHOTO!


Flash Congo Line! Which means they have 10 seconds to create the longest congo-line possible!


Another FLASH FLOOD! Good thing there are a lot of trees around!


While the kids were off playing capture the flag at the ball field, the teachers were catching up on some zzzzs! We were exhausted!


After capture the flag there was a little time left to play at the ball field playground! Millie was starting to feel sad that she was going to have to say goodbye to all her friends!


 Everyone loves playground time!


And the boys especially loved the "merry-go-round!" They pretty much made themselves sick on it!


And then the rain came... everyone duck for cover!


The rain was good timing since it was time for our amazing IIE event to come to an end!


Everyone lugged their bags, tents, and gear onto the ferry and we said our final goodbyes to the Cliff Island gang! What amazing hosts they were. They have raised the IIE bar for sure!


So long, farewell Cliff Island! Thanks for the best IIE EVER!!!


The nice thing is that the rest of the schools had an entire ferry ride together before we had to say goodbye! 


A lot can happen in an hour long ferry ride! Like make-overs for this seveth grade boy! Now that is some TLC trust! Cracks me up every time!

Millie give her first Inter-Island Event FOUR PAWS UP! She was so tired that she was falling asleep will sitting up in the middle of all the kids.

There is no doubt about it, it was an Inter-Island Event for the books!

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