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Student Leadership Training - Day 3

September 2012


It was a little harder to wake up on our final day at Camp Kieve. That might have been because we were all so exhausted from all the fun and hard work we had been taking part in or also because we did not want the day to start because that meant our time together would eventually have to end! Either way, it was a slow moving morning! My first picture of day three was of our very own TLC cover girl from Matinicus! This seventh grade TLC super-star is on the cover of Eva Murray's new book "Island Schoolhouse: One Room for All!" Eva writes about the history and progress of island schoolhouses in the state of Maine, focusing mainly on the islands that are involved in our TLC! She even includes specific of information and stories about the TLC project! You should definitely check it out!


We had a quick breakfast and had to say goodbye to our Frenchboro buddies who had to leave early to catch their boat back to their island!


Lots of hugs saying goodbye. What good friends these kids become during their short time together.


The kids presented their Kieve Teachers with some thank-you gifts! Those teachers truly made our time at Kieve so special and beneficial!


After saying goodbye to the Frenchboro group it was time for some introspective goal setting work!


The kids AND chaperones were asked to complete "goal trees" for personal goals they wanted to accomplish this year within the TLC.


Here was my goal tree. It was cool to have such a specific layout of stating your goal and then creating really concrete next steps of how you were going to meet that goal! The kids goals mostly had to do with their roles in Student Council this coming year!


Some of the kids set goals that had to do with what positions they wanted to run for in Student Council this year. Others set goals focusing on all the great fundraisers they wanted to organize for the TLC. And some students just set goals about the kind of attitude they wanted to have in Student Council and in school in general! Such thoughtful and strong goals these fantastic leaders set for themselves!


The kids got an opportunity to share their personal goals with the rest of the group. There is something about stating your goals aloud to those who love and support you that really affirms your plans, ability, and desire to reach and meet those goals.


After the kids worked on setting personal goals it was time for them to come together as a group to set some goals for their work with the TLC this year. They started with setting a main over-arching goal which was "Make the TLC grow!" What a fabulous goal for these kids to set! And such a fitting goal to be at the top of their beautiful TLC goal tree! 


Next they brainstormed smaller goals that would help their work within the TLC Student Council be able to reach their larger goal! Their three smaller goals were to "help people participate," "spread the word," and "be positive and have FUN!" So perfect and so them.


The final step was for the kids to pick some specific "next-steps" they were going to take to meet their smaller goals which would then lead to their large goal. Hearing the kids talk about what plans they could make for the year really showed the gains they made from their weekend of training together. They were better listeners and communicators. They combined their ideas and made sure everyone was heard from. They were a real team with some real leaders among them. 


And here is their final product. The most beautiful, creative, thoughtful, and purposeful TLC goal tree I have ever seen! This, my friends, is good work. With goals like these this year of the TLC is bound to be amazing.


After all the kids' hard work and dedication to goal setting, their Kieve Teachers had one more exciting activity in store for them before it was time to say goodbye...


It was called the "Flying Squirrel!" In essence it is a kind of "swing" that an individual gets harnessed into and then the rest of the group hoists them up in the air pulling a long rope until the person is zooming around in the air... just like a flying squirrel! Too silly and TOO fun! 


Too bad these kids were not going to enjoy this one bit!


It was another activity that did involve a lot of trust and communication for the group. But I don't think the kids were noticing that since they were just having way to much fun hoisting all their friends up into the air!


Everyone got a turn!


Even me! I loved being a flying squirrel!


This was a BIG moment! Our superstar seventh grader, who is afraid of heights and kept her two feet on solid ground all weekend, took a HUGE step and overcame some MAJOR fears by taking a turn as a flying squirrel!


We were all SO thrilled that she did it! She had been such a GREAT cheerleader for everyone else all weekend long, so you can just imagine the cheers she got when she reached the top of the swing!!! 


I sent my camera up with the seventh grader from Monhegan for a little "Flying Squirrel Cam" footage! This is what I got! Too cool!


Here is the group pulling him up!


And a pretty cute self portrait of himself! What a fun morning!


After our time as flying squirrels it was time to load the cars, say our goodbyes, and head back to our separate islands. It was sad to say goodbye but the good news is that this group would be reunited in only a weeks time for Inter-Island Event on Cliff Island! The extra cool part is that the student leaders would be responsible for leading some group activities with the rest of the TLC on Cliff! So they were really going to get to show off all leadership skills very soon!


Of course my travel mate and I had to end our weekend trip the same way we started... with some delicious ice cream!


It was a perfect ending to an AMAZING weekend with a whole bunch of amazing kids. This Leadership Training had been a kind of pipe dream that became a reality this year for the TLC. Thank you to the Island Institute for funding this awesome event and thank you to all the teachers and chaperones who made it possible for the kids attend. Thank you to Camp Kieve for offering such perfect and thoughtful programing for our students. And most of all thank you to our students... our newest TLC leaders, for being so energetic, focused, thoughtful, courageous, open-minded, and utterly wonderful. You guys are what gives me hope and inspiration in our world. You are true leaders and I adore you.

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It is already so abundantly obvious how much this training has paid off! Our new student leaders ROCK! I'm so glad our older students got catapulted by this initiative, rather than having to wait to "grow into" their leadership roles. We lost most of our leaders last year when our eighth graders graduated, but we haven't had to skip a beat, thanks to the vision of Jessie, the Island Institute, our awesome chaperones, the Camp Kiev program, and most of all--our new TLC student leaders!

October 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

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