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Student Leadership Training - Day 2

September 2012


Everyone was up and raring to go on day two of our first-ever every TLC Student Leadership Training! We met up with our Kieve Teachers at the hall for breakfast and right away they had us playing some awesome and entertaining games!


Time for more eating! We knew we had a FULL and EXCITING day ahead of us so a good breakfast was mighty important!


After breakfast it was outside for some warm-up games!


These games were meant to get us moving and active!


I think they worked! (P.S. Nice shirt!)


This Cliff Island fourth grader looks ready to go!


Next it was time for some team building exercises!


All of us in the "human knot!"


Look! With a whole lot of teamwork we were able to get ourselves un-knotted!


Our Kieve Teachers said that our group got out of the knot faster than any group they had ever seen! So what did they decided to do? Make us do it again... but this time with our eyes CLOSED! That was not as easy. BUT we did it!


Time to pass the hula-hoop! Another team building exercise!


Since we ended up having a little extra time our Kieve Teachers taught us some more fun, active games... any game where the kids get to smack one another with a noodle is bound to be a success!


This fourth grader looks like he is about to go attack his seventh grade brother behind him! Watch out bro!


After a whole lot of fun outdoors we moved inside to do some more serious work. The Kieve Teachers led the TLC leaders in an activity about communities.


The kids were split up into different groups and were asked to draw on large poster paper their communities. Naturally the kids began drawing all of their individual islands, which ended up looking pretty cool when they were all drawn so close together on the paper. It made it seem like their islands weren't all that far away from one another after all.


The kids all came back as a group to share their posters and to talk about what it means to be a leader in their communities and what they can do to make their communities stronger and an even better place to be. They talked about their TLC community and how their work within the student council will hopefully better the TLC as a whole! I couldn't have agreed more!


Then it was back outside for some more team building experience! This time to the peanut butter pit! 


The mission: To get every member of the group across the peanut butter pit without having one, single member touch the ground!

IF that happened the ENTIRE group had to start over! 

The big challenge was that the group first had to get ahold of the big rope that hung  in the middle of the course... they put their brains together and figured out that if they tied all of their jackets together they could swing it out and get ahold of the rope! This took A LOT of communication, team work, and patience! The really hard part (for the chaperones) is that all adults were to remain silent for this entire challenge! So it was really left in the kids hands. 


Once they got the rope (it took a while... but they did it!) it was time to get the group safely across to the "safe" zone!


Love this picture of the seventh grader from Monhegan helping a fourth grader from Frenchboro get his footing just right so he can make it across the pit safely!


Here are those who already made it across safely! They had the important job of catching their teammates as they swung across.


Here comes one of their team mates now!


Good catch gang!


And here comes the LAST member of the group! Making his way to safety! The mission is almost complete!


He made it!!!


Peanut butter pit mission accomplished! WAY TO GO TLC LEADERS!

After our grueling team building session we took a break for lunch and then the kids began BEGGING their Kieve Teachers to let them go back to the rock wall for another climbing period! The teachers said yes, but they added a new team challenge to this climbing session!


It's called Australian belaying and it puts four individuals in charge of working the harness and tether for the person who is climbing the rock wall! This means that four of our TLC students belayed while one of their peers climbed! Talk about trust, team work, and communication! These kids were literally depending on one another to keep them safe!


These leaders took their belaying responsibilities very seriously! They had special commands for those who were belaying and those who were climbing! 


Here's one of the sixth graders from Frenchboro daring to "jump" out of the box to try and hit that red ball! 


More team belaying! Look at those seriously stances. Such responsible kids.


Love the look on the boys faces as their gal pal poses for every picture!

We had a "beading station" going while the kids finished up on the rock wall! Everyone got a chance to make their very own TLC leadership bracelets!


Quite lovely!


Then it was BACK outside for another team challenge! 


This challenge was called the "TP Shuffle!" (We have no idea why!) The kids were evenly divided into two groups who stood on opposite sides of a long log! The challenge was for each of the groups to get to the other side of the log without touching the ground!!! Let me tell you this challenge lasted a while!


Just like the "peanut butter pit" if someone touched the ground they had to start back at the beginning! So it was important to help everyone involved! And again... the adults could not say a WORD! (Such good practice for us adults who way too often try to solve students problems or challenges when really the answer usually lies within them!)


One strategy the group tried was to have one group "lay" on the log while the other group stepped over them...


Everyone had different ways of laying!


Oh man, that's trust! They were literally walking on top of one another!


It felt like it took hours (it was probably about 45 minutes) but the kids NEVER gave up and they FINALLY completed their mission! They kept an upbeat attitude the entire challenge and really listened to one another and encouraged all their members, even those who struggled the most!  I was continuously proud of them and their persistence and creativity! What fine leaders we have in this group!


We remained outdoors for our next activity... the outdoors ropes course! Oh man! This was going to be exciting!


There were a bunch of different challenges the kids could try... this one was the craziest! A SUPER high pole that you had to climb up...


That face explains how high it really was! Kind of took your breath away!


When they got to the tippy top of the pole they had to stand on top of it (without anything but their own tether to hold onto!) And then they had the opportunity to JUMP off the pole and grab onto the hanging trapeze bar that was hanging off from another tree! It was crazy!


But these kids did it! They face their fears and went for it!


Another challenge was the "high wire!" The kids had to climb a rope ladder and walk carefully across a high wire that was hung between two trees!


It takes a lot of courage to take on these challenges!


We did some more Australian belaying for our team members! What an amazing experience with these kids! I adore them all so stinkin' much. 


One of the Frenchboro boys making it to the top of the highest pole!


Here I am shimmying my way up the pole! It was probably the scariest thing I have ever done! But with the support and cheering from the group I made it to the top and jumped to the trapeze! I know I wouldn't have gone through with it if I didn't have all those fabulous kids inspiring me with their courage and cheering me on when I was scared. 

The amazing thing about the outdoor ropes course is that all the kids were pushing themselves to overcome fears and face new challenges and at the same time they had an entire group of their peers cheering them on and encouraging to not give up! It seems like together these kids could do anything!


After a busy, long, and super awesome day the kids were in for a BIG surprise! Our long-lost, fabulous, former TLC coordinator surprised us all and showed up at Camp Kieve for dinner and some fun evening events!


We have all missed this girl so very much but we are so super happy for her (and her lucky students)! She is now the english and history teacher at the Coastal Studies for Girls School in Freeport! She will ALWAYS be apart of our TLC family! Once a TLC member ALWAYS a TLC member!


Here we all our... our TLC leaders, chaperones, Kieve Teachers, and Anne! Couldn't have asked for a better group!


The kids had "choice" time after dinner so of course they choose to go back to the rock gym! That meant Anne got a chance to climb! She was awesome!


YAY! This super sweet seventh grader from Matinicus gave climbing a try! Even if she only climbed up five feet I was still proud of her for posing for the camera!


Another one gets to the top! If only the TLC could have their very own rock gym these kids would be ecstatic!


We had promised the kids a final night dance party! And since we have the best chaperones in the world we even had fun snacks for our big parrrrtay!


The kids had worked on a play list all day for our special dance off! It was pure TLC fun!


And the best part? Even the boys joined us for our big event! These guys have some pretty sweet moves!

Day two was a huge success! I was already starting to mourn the fact that our weekend together was coming to an end! But at least we had one more morning together to look forward to! 

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