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Student Leadership Training - Day 1

September 2012

It was some exciting when TEN of our oldest TLC students from FIVE different islands came together in mid-September at Camp Kieve for our FIRST EVER TLC Student Leadership Training! After our super successful first round of Student Council last year we knew it was time to up the ante for our student leaders and actually create a special leadership event JUST FOR THEM! We knew just the place to do it... The Leadership School at Camp Kieve! If you have never been to Kieve, you need to find a reason to! It is AMAZING! It is set on the beautiful Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro Lake and the teachers and programming they have there is just fabulous! We worked with Kieve to set up a really great program for our TLC leaders that focused on building personal confidence, practicing communicating and listening skills, working as a team, and enhancing their leadership abilities. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend huh? Well, it WAS!


I was lucky enough to have my very own TLC leader as a travel companion for this trip! I picked this very excited 4th grader from Cliff Island up and we made our way to Camp Kieve on a Friday afternoon! But first, we needed to fill our tummies with ice cream to prepare for our big adventure! Don't all leaders need ice cream!? 


After a little road trip we arrived at our destination! CAMP KIEVE!!!


And of course the TLC troops were there to greet us! We had students from Monhegan, Cliff, Matinicus, Frenchboro, AND the Cranberry Isles!


Everyone got unpacked and picked out their bunks (the top bunks always go the quickest in this group!)


And then it was time to play! Here are some pals from Monhegan and Cliff reunited after an entire summer without seeing any TLC classmates! They look pretty happy! 


And look at this natural team work that just happened spontaneously! These kids were going to be PROS at this training weekend!



After a little playtime outdoors it was time to head to the main hall for dinner!


What a view! Not a bad place to spend a weekend with a bunch of great kids!


Just some dinner time silliness!


The food at Kieve was AWESOME!


After dinner we met with our Kieve teachers to go over the plan for the weekend! They had a lot of amazing plans and programs in store for us. They had planned on doing some ice breaker/name game activities with our group after dinner but they quickly realized how well this group already knew and loved each other, so it was straight on to bigger and better things for our TLC leaders...


They were headed to the rock gym!!! And boy were they pumped! This fifth grader was showing off her mad muscles that she was going to use to get up the rock wall!


Some Monhegan Teacher/student teamwork getting this seventh grader all set to go!


And it was time to climb! Talk about building personal confidence and overcoming fears... it seems like these kids were relatively fearless!


Everyone took a turn up the wall!


An those who didn't were right there cheering everyone on and taking pictures!


Almost to the top!


This little fourth grader DID IT! And you can just imagine the pride that shined on her face when everyone cheered as she pulled herself to the top!


After the kids climbed up to the top and pulled themselves into the super high box they had the option of jumping out and trying to hit the big red ball dangling from the ceiling! Not something you get to try everyday.


This little monkey from Frenchboro was fast as lightning climbing up these walls!


I think these two were having a race to the top!


Another little natural climber from Frenchboro!


And this student from the Ashley Bryan School climbed all the way to the "black box" for a second time just so I could get a picture!


All of the walls had bells on the tippy top of them so we were constantly hearing ringing and cheering and more cheering throughout the entire night! So much fun!


This is the youngest student that came to our leadership training. Much of the night he watched as all the kids climbed the wall, taking it all in, and then he too got in there and started climbing! Everyone was so proud of him!


Even yours truly got a chance to climb! It was not as easy as I thought it would be! And man it sure is high up there! What a rush!


Happy, exhilarated, and completely exhausted was how we were all feeling at the end of night one! And we had only just begun the weekend of fun and training!


Six was the number of times this cutie-putie got to the top! Way to go girl.


The whole crew! What a good lookin' bunch of leaders!


And some silly faces too!


After a busy evening the kids were not quite ready for bed... which can mean only one thing in the world of TLC...



What a great way to start an awesome weekend... keep reading to see what adventures day two brought!


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