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First Polyberg meeting for Teachers!

September 2012

While I was on Matinicus the TLC teachers had their first TLC meeting on the Polybergs (which is code for Polycoms and Tanbergs, our video conferencing units that each island school has in their classrooms!) All of the teacher meetings happen on these video conferencing units, so they are SUPER helpful for our collaborative work!

The beginning of the meeting was spent seeing how big Lindsay's, one of the teacher's at the Ashley Bryan School, belly has gotten! We are going to have another TLC baby! YAY Lindsay!


Then it was time to get to work! We had all the teachers signed into the meeting. We usually have TLC teacher meetings scheduled for once a month throughout the year but since the beginning of this year we have been meeting EVERY week! We just have so much going on!


It is fun to see all the teacher's faces appear on the TV screen. This week's meeting was mainly to discuss the up and coming plans for Inter-Island Event that was to take place on Cliff Island in just a couple of weeks!


These teachers pull a lot of long hours, so for everyone to be dedicated enough to come to these weekly meetings it quite a be committment! Thank you teachers for all the time, work, and effort you put in to making this TLC project so utterly amazing! You rock! Please leave a comment telling us how much you love our TLC teachers!

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