Monhegan Island School!

Hi! We are the Monhegan School and we have 11 awesome kids in our school this year. Our youngest student is in pre-school and our oldest student is in 8th grade!

We  We have a really nice teachers named Miss Emily and Miss Mandy. They are both really fun and care about us alot. Miss Emily's favorite color is pink and she wears sparkley shoes. Miss Mandy teaches us art and has really great hair.

One thing you should know about our school is that we don't have a regular playground, but instead, we have a big rock we play on called "the sliding rock!" If we could have a school pet we would want a pig or a kitty. We would like to take a TLC field trip to a waterpark or Greenland!

If our school was famous we think we would be famous for having the best artists.

What we love about the TLC is playing capture the flag together during Inter-Island Event and doing morning exercises together in the morning. 

 To learn more about us, check out our school website: