Frenchboro Island School!

 Hi! If you aren't a stranger, we would give you a big hug! We are the Frenchboro School and we only have two students: one kindergartner who LOVES art and one second grader who is a super singer and dancer! We have our teacher, Miss Jan, who we think is the BEST teacher in the whole world and she teaches us so much. And we have Luke who does weather with us and is an amazing science teacher. One thing we love about our school is our library because it is nice a quiet when you want to read and it has LOTS of great books. If we could add one thing to our schools we would add some more students. If our school had a mascot we think it would be a lobster.

We love working with the TLC because we like to participate in book groups because we get to talk to our friends on the computer since they aren't all here on this island and we love field trips because we get to see our friends in REAL LIFE!

To learn more about the Frenchboro School check out their AWESOME WEBSITE!