What's up, buttercup!? WE are the one-and-only Cliff Island School! We are the hippest and coolest school on our island! Okay, we are the only school on our island but we are still super hip and cool! We have our big-bad 3rd grader who dressed up like a bandit when it is cold outside (which is most of the year!) We have a 2nd grader who knows how to shake his tail feather and has LOTS of great freckles. Our first graders has REALLY cool webbed toes and our pre-schooler this he is a T-Rex! We have two teachers Mr. H, who likes to rub his hands with smelly lotions and Heidi, who likes to make gummy snacks out of kale to feed all the students. 

What we want people to know about our school is that there is a bell in our school that is from 1880 and every teacher who has ever taught at the school has signed the bell!

If we could add or change anything about our school we would do these three things: 1. Add more kids. 2. Make the floor be a trampoline. 3. Have a pool and hot tub in the bathroom.

And what do we love about working with the TLC? We love all of the friends we have! We also love when we play capture the flag AND when we have virtual morning exercises each week!