Hi! Nice to meet you! *Handshake* We are the Ashley Bryan School. Our school is super cool because it is named after an awesome, famous author and artist who lives on Islesford Island! Students from our school live on Islesford AND Great Cranberry Island. We have FOURTEEN schools that go to our school. Our youngest student is in kindergarten and our oldest student is in 8th grade! We have two fabulous teachers, Miss Audrey, who lives on Great Cranberry and Miss Lauren, who lives on Islesford. We are a school with a really big heart!

Obviously our school is way cool, but if we could add anything to it we would create a huge swimming on the playground that has a removable building around it so we could have an outdoor pool in the summer  and an indoor pool in the winter.  We would also like a mountain for skiing on and a good pond for ice skating.  And while we’re at it, we would also like a duck boat or a bridge so we can get back and forth between the two year-round islands in our town!  

We love the TLC because we have SO many friends! GOOO TLC!


P.S. To find out more about our school visit our really awesome school website: