Check out ALL we accomplished during the 2013-2014 School Year!

Field Trips

  • Inter-Island Event in September on Isle au Haut (2 days)

  • Fall field trip to Bethel, ME to go on geological hunt and participate in science and literacy collaborations (2 & ½ days)

  • Spring field trip to Quebec to tie into european studies unit (5 days)

Science (grade-leveled collaboration)

Fall - Geology

  • Inter-Island Rock Boxes - Where did these rocks come from?

  • Science Fair/Rock Conference

Winter - Human Body

  • “Who Am I?” Human Body Wiki

  • Thursday Older’s Collaboration - Inquiry Based to study reproduction system

  • Human Body Review Friday review games for youngers and middles (20 questions, catch-phrase to review systems of the body)

  • Summative Collaborative Jeopardy Game to review body systems

Spring - Biomes and Environments

  • Read non-fiction articles, books, and explore ipad apps related to and focusing on biomes and environments

Social Studies (grade-leveled collaboration)

Fall - Asia

  • Each school focused on specific region in Asia and became “experts” to teach rest of the group.

  • Grade level projects to learn about specific countries within Asia- project share out

Winter - Africa

  • Thursday - Older’s Collaboration: “Where in Africa is the TLCer?”

  • Friday -Middles Collaboration - Where is Africa is the TLCer?

  • Friday - Youngers Collaboration - Extension of book group activities (map work)

Spring - Europe

  • Students participated in postcard exchanged project where they partnered up with TLC classmate and exchanged two sets of postcards, the first written as if they were visiting a location in France and the second as if they were visiting a location in Quebec.

  • Older students researched sites in Quebec previous to trip to share with the rest of the group

First,  Second , and Third Trimester Book Groups (grade level collaborations every Wednesday - 6 groups total)

  • books linked to social studies  or science unit and standards

  • teacher led

  • individual wikis for each grade leveled group

French (youngers and olders on Wednesday)

  • 30 minute lesson with each age group from off-island french teacher

  • video tutorial follow up afterward for each group

Health (all group Tuesdays and Thursdays exercises)

  • 15 minutes of physical exercise lead by off-island “expert”

  • 10 minutes of healthy living discussion and tips

Student Council (4th-8th grade collaboration every other Wednesday)

  • Student lead and developed meetings

  • Holiday party planning

  • Fundraising ideas and service learning projects

  • “spirit” boosters

  • Coordination and planning of spirit week

  • Creating and hosting a virtual “end of year celebration”

  • Creating a collaborative stop-motion video

Virtual Field Trips (all group collaboration)

  • Human Body Program via CILC

  • “Welcome to Africa” program via Smithsonian

Math collaboration (all group collaboration)

  • Sumdog program - collaborative purchased

    • used via ipads and computers

    • virtual competitions throughout TLC

Virtual Presentations (all group collaboration)

  • Ashley Bryan book readings

  • African drumming presentation

  • IAH music teacher presentation

8th Grade High School Preparation (8th grade collaboration every Monday)

  • High School applications

  • Prepping for interviews and essay writing

  • Support and encouragement  

Virtual Alumni Reunion

  • 7 TLC alumni student came back to share their high school experiences with current TLC students

Teacher Collaborations

  • Bi-weekly TLC “staff” meetings

  • Curriculum committee meetings twice a trimester

  • Fall and Winter face-to-face planning meetings